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Also, our students were able to contribute on scientific production papers, posters related with each project and with the firm. Managing the company in its entirety: budget, employment contracts, quality audit, meetings with industry, intellectual property, To transfer the concept to an academic or industrial partner able to guarantee production mission partnership, quality file or create a real business. Every years, actions are validated through an internal audit carried out in the end of annual activity. At the beginning, the main important step was to identify the customers and their expectations.

It was not simple to define the main customers to satisfy. The direction decided to satisfy in first the student themselves. For them, there were 2 main activities:. The students after the processes identification decided to map them in order to define the interfaces between each process. Another important action was to define the documentation describe all the procedures of the quality system and the record necessary to prove that the activities are implemented according the quality system in place. An internal audit is performed every year and two management reviews are led to insure that the system of quality management is conform to the ISO standard.

The implemented actions are reviewed and also the objectives. This year, there are five different projects. The concept is based on the instrumentation of a motorized hospital bed to a patient or the caregiver to control the position of the bed by voice recognition. Instructions, recorded in advance, allow engines to operate the corresponding control.

Possible instructions are "up" and "down". They can then be combined with "whole", "head" and "feet". To ensure the functionality of the bed, an alternative means by remote control manual has been planned. A working model shown in Figure 10 and based on the principles outlined above was performed. The concept is based on remote instrumentation, using a joystick and miniature motors, displacement of the head of a video endoscope a variety of flexible endoscope which is used in the exploration of some cavities body and the taking of samples.

To date, this shift is based on mechanical action at the end of an endoscope through knobs. A wheel provides the lateral movement of the endoscope head and the other the vertical displacement, which makes the system cumbersome. However, this system has many disadvantages for the user.

Originally intended to be manipulated with one hand while the second deals with the insertion and withdrawal of the endoscope , this is not the case in reality. Indeed, it is found to be extremely difficult to use simultaneously, with ease and precision, the two control knobs with one hand. Use both hands to control, requiring the presence of a third hand for insertion and withdrawal of the endoscope nurse.

If, to maintain total control of the procedure, experienced practitioners have mastered the second method presented above, this is not true of young interns who need lots of practice before they can act alone. This problem of handling the endoscope, it is clear: an increase in the time of the intervention, a greater risk of irritation or perforation of the walls for patients especially during this period of learning internal and an increase in the learning period of the endoscopic technique.

A first demonstrator has been realized in In , the new team has developed the product automated endoscope, Fibrotika renamed, and worked in parallel on two new projects: Visiotika, a device for visual control interface for controlling the environment for people paralyzed and S-Alive dispensing device of artificial saliva for patients with xerostomia destruction of the salivary glands. The goal is to move from a demonstration model named by students Simulscopie at a pre-prototype used for preclinical trials.

Contacts with companies specialized in the design and manufacture of endoscopes have been established. The ability to add sensors at the end of the sheath of the endoscope to create a force feedback on the action of the command, and the development of a simulator test to measure efficacy are studied.

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These patients can not produce saliva following a destruction of the salivary glands usually secondary to radiation therapy. The result is pain everyday that degrade the live of these patients. There are currently sprays and gels to fill the lack of saliva, but these solutions do not allow the patient to receive the saliva continuously. The anticipated benefits for patients are: greater autonomy, improved quality of life, particularly in the context of social life and greater discretion with respect to the other people and finally an increased efficiency on oral complications and comfort due to direct and regular administration of the substitute on the oral mucosa and dental tissue.

The main investigator of this project is Dr. The hospital coordinator manager is Professor Christophe Meyer. They are responsible for the definition of specifications including the physiopathologic aspects and the surgical acts during pre-clinical studies in animals. They are responsible for writing up intermediary reports and the final report.

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The CIC-IT will carry out the necessary administrative steps writing and submitting a file to the committee for the protection of persons in the East of France, for example , conducting the study and the statistical analysis of the results. A first patent search December led to the submission of a Soleau envelope Dr. Such a device is not currently on the market and the priority analysis shows that freedom to operate and patentability is possible for our idea. Before the S-Alive ANR project, which has just started, the valorisation framework had already contributed to the realisation of a pre-study, with en amount of A market analysis is also planned for, as well as the realisation of prototype tests on animals to evaluate the risks associated with using this type of device.

This project aims to enable completely paralyzed patients, such as those suffering from Locked-In Syndrome, to regain some autonomy by giving them the ability to control their environment through their eyes. Currently, such solutions exist but are extremely expensive. Biotika has made such a device at low cost by simply using common materials. Thus, Visiotika consists of a webcam connected to a laptop quite commonplace, free software easy to use and infrared connections for connecting the PC to control the elements.

The motivation is to enable patients to purchase this device for their home. The eye movements of patients captured by the camera can act on the software as you would with a computer mouse. The information is then sent via IR wavelengths to different parts of the patient's environment. Visiotika can control a TV and the hospital bed set up by previous team. It can be easily adapted to other applications, such as the opening of electric shutters, turn on and off the lights This project is in stand by for the moment.

This innovative device measures pulse wave velocity by using two infra-red probes, placed on two artery sites. Increased arterial stiffness is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular events. For example, in patients with chronic renal disease, this risk appears to be far greater than in the general population.

Several methods are available to determine arterial stiffness, and pulse wave velocity PWV appears to be the most accurate. Non-invasive and predictive of adverse cardiovascular outcomes, this device is technically challenging and expensive. This is a common optical technique used to monitor peripheral pulsation.

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Imbert, secondly by C. Soulaine and V. Journot and lastly by B. Jacob have shown that this new device is able to measure a valid index of PWV, as compared to the AT technique in healthy subjects.

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This project has been technically established but requires continued validation in a clinical population. When we are developing or modifying a medical device, it needs to perform clinical but also animal trials to obtain scientific datas that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the new device. We use medical and computing data Center and data research Bases of the University. The CIC sponsor Doctor Lionel Pazart is responsible for selecting investigators, submits research protocol and human care assurance.

This example of investigations are conducted by a student, J. The purpose of this study was to determine the test-retest reliability on healthy volunteers and to perform a pilot assessment of the response to change during dialysis. Renal failure is associated with an increased prevalence of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Arterial stiffness, as determined by pulse wave velocity, is predictive of adverse cardiovascular outcomes such as left ventricular hypertrophy, heart failure, hypertension, and cardiovascular related mortality in the population with kidney disease.

The current gold standard method for assessing arterial stiffness is through the use of applanation tonometry. This method is highly skill dependent and results in difficulty pooling data from different examiners. Given the logistic considerations with subject recruitment, it has been postulated that an alternative method of determining pulse wave velocity using infra-red technology, may provide greater inter-tester reliability.

The trials and validations campaign conduct to the risk management report in accordance with regulatory expectations. Professor C. Meyer, Doctors E. Euvrard and L. First tests on animal monitored by Vetagro Sup. S-alive project is an active implantable medical devices [AIMD] requiring surgery. And in this context, the most complex issue in order to obtain the CE mark will remain "the risk management analysis" according to EN ISO which is mandatory provision. Virtual means that this company has no real legal status. It is a sort of pedagogic model but on the other hand, the situation scenario for the ISIFC student engineers is itself indeed real.

They are currently working-in real conditions-on the development of new medical devices or on modernization of medical products. The needs of these innovative medical devices were identified by the students during their second-year 6 weeks work experience in hospital. Every year, this activity takes place between March to December. It became in 5 years a real academic pre incubation cell. It was in June These supports in maturation of innovative projects were intended for the pain and salivary disorders treatment, and for the gastroenterology and cardiovascular diagnosis.

For this ANR campaign, only 30 projects are selected and obtained 2 years financial support for national candidates. The main difficulty is not due to unavailability of the students, in contrary! They are principally due to their irregular presence discontinuity in the time and by students coming from different promotion. And for the development of innovative projects, it needs real industrial partnership for a potential transfer.

Furthermore because the staff is completely renewed, the transfer between the 2 teams is a critical process and requires a documentary system exemplary. The first audit will be in November The "virtual CEO" would like to thank especially, in agreement with its management team, the eleven co-creators of Biotika.

But, I particularly want to express my gratitude to , , and teams which represent a total of 89 different students. I would have been able to list all their names! Magaly Roy and Mohamed El Hamdaoui are always presents for helping our virtual firm and in fact our students. Sincerely thanks to them. Aubry, E. Euvrard, S. Koch, C.

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Meyer, A. Menget, G. Thiriez, J. Regnard and N. This chapter would not have been possible without the enormous support from Georges Soto Romero and Florent Guyon. Licensee IntechOpen. Help us write another book on this subject and reach those readers. Login to your personal dashboard for more detailed statistics on your publications. Edited by Reza Fazel-Rezai. We are IntechOpen, the world's leading publisher of Open Access books. Built by scientists, for scientists. Our readership spans scientists, professors, researchers, librarians, and students, as well as business professionals.

Downloaded: Introduction This chapter concerns a new concept of innovation in healthcare technology. We prepare our students to: Medical and biological instrumentation in general, with a special interest for Microsystems. Different scenarios are possible: development of a medical device new to the market major upgrade of an existing medical device after a regulatory affairs modifications or after device deployment in the market and first users feedbacks re-design of a device prototype and regulatory affairs optimisations. Virtual company structure The "virtual company" works with French collective agreements but without legal status.

Management principle 5. Steps principle Principle is described on figure below. Innovative active training 7. Missions of the training module This is, in a virtual firm, to create and maintain a dynamic coaching and collaborative work that gives students opportunities for implementation of academic knowledge in biomedical engineering. This allows students in terms of autonomy, initiatives and recovery: To highlight their individual skills know-how and skills: passion for work and for other people especially patients…. To have ideas for innovation To be able to develop innovative medical devices After the module, they know that innovation takes a lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of creativity and needs strong interactions between mentors, mentees and many others.

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Conditional admission may be granted to students with lower than a 2. Students admitted conditionally must maintain a 3. A student who is not fully admitted to the program will not be allowed to continue in the program beyond twelve credit hours. Transfer students must have each collegiate institution attended mail an official transcript directly from the institution to the UL Lafayette Graduate School.

Mailing address for transcripts sent from a courier service e.

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Email address for transcripts sent electronically: gradschool louisiana. Courses are delivered via online distance learning; this delivery method may not be the right choice for you. According to U. International applicants who currently reside outside the United States and plan to remain in their home country should select the visa type 'No VISA Required — Online' when completing the application. This designation indicates that you will not be entering the United States and no financial guarantee documents will be required.

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Follow the steps below to complete the form. The MBA with a concentration in Project Management program online consists of 33 credit hours and 11 courses. Seven of the courses are core courses, and four courses are concentration specific. Additional business foundations courses may be required for some students. Prior to every term, please check the course schedule for any updates. This MBA program requires 11 courses 33 credit hours. These requirements may increase by up to four additional semester hours four courses, one credit hour each of foundation courses depending upon the undergraduate business courses previously completed.

Foundation courses are designed to acquaint the non-business undergraduate major with the underlying principles, terminology and fundamentals of the various business disciplines. Upon admission, your transcripts will be evaluated; you will be informed at advising which foundation courses you are required to take.

The foundations courses are:. Administration of the information systems function. Application of microeconomic tools to business decision making; topics include theoretical and empirical demand and cost functions, pricing under various market conditions and regulatory constraints, short run and long run planning, and domestic and international conditions influencing the firm's profitability and growth. Emphasis is on integrated application of MBA core courses concepts. Problem analysis and decision making at an integrative level are stressed.

Application of analytical techniques to the firm's investment, financing, and dividend decisions in keeping with the objective of maximizing shareholder wealth. Business application of multivariate methods, non-parametric methods, factor analysis, logistic regression, cluster analysis, and data mining procedures using a computer statistical package. Provides guidelines for developing marketing plans and programs while emphasizing the application of marketing concepts, tools, and decision making processes. Course provides a framework for understanding broad issues and analyzing specific topics which affect international business activities in an increasingly interdependent world.

The course promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to integrating various facets of international business operations. Elements necessary in an organization for effective administrative control are covered. Emphasis is on the "use" of rather than the "supplying" of accounting data. Theory and practices including individual behavior, motivation, group dynamics, organizational structure, quality management, and leadership skills.

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Introduction to the fundamentals of project management and the behavioral skills required to efficiently manage a project. This course provides a foundation of concepts related to planning, scheduling, controlling, resource allocation, and performance measurement activities required for successful completion of a project. Introduction to a variety of concepts and techniques related to project scope, scheduling, and cost control techniques necessary to meet project goals and objectives.

Focus on scheduling techniques and overview of budgeting, cost estimating, and cost control techniques. The University reserves the right to increase prices at any time. This tuition schedule is based on regulations adopted by the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System. MBA with a concentration in Project Management Program Online As the pace and complexity of business operations grows, there is an increased need for professionals who are able to successfully create, implement and manage business plans.

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