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As well as how long you intend to stay, and what you want to see whilst you are here:. This is an incredibly popular choice with young travellers planning a self-drive trip around Australia. You will be amazed at how affordable hiring a campervan can be, and how reliable these vehicles are when exploring every corner of Australia. The top-rated companies here in Australia ensure their campervans come fully equipped with comfortable beds, a kitchenette, storage space for 2 or more people, living equipment, and even an ice-box to keep your drinks cold.

They provide the freedom you need to be able to explore the less travelled areas along your route. And you have the comfort of knowing that any breakdowns or incidents are covered by a network of trusted mechanics across Australia. There are a number of options to choose from when you arrive in Australia, but here are our top 2 selections so you can do some early research!

Travellers Autobarn offer range of station wagons and campervans for hire or sale from six branches spread around Australia: Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Perth and Melbourne. If you need any help booking a campervan, or setting the right package for your Australia travel needs, Australian Surf Tours can help you…and we offer a discounted rate on your booking! They provide one of the most affordable transport options to get you between point A and point B, and they offer a number of passes to choose between to best suit your Australia travel needs.

Hop-on Hop-off buses are definitely one of the cheapest option for getting around on the East Coast of Australia. They offer the flexibility you need to be able to change your Australia travel plans last minute, which you will find happens more than you might think! Your hop-on hop-off pass allows for this, enabling you to change your plans everyday should you need to. Your pass allows you to stop at hundreds of different locations around Australia.

There are two major providers in Australia — Greyhound and Premier. If you book early the prices tend to come down. Alongside these two major Australian services, there are also a number of backpacker specific bus options. Two such examples we often hear positive feedback from are Oz Experience, and Contiki Australia. These are a little more expensive, but are tourist focused which means routes are often scenic and there are regular activities available to you as you go.

There is also the added benefit of travelling with like-minded young travellers, and usually have a guide on hand to offer advice and suggestions on where to go and what to see. This option is growing really fast here in Australia, and it seems there are more and more opportunities appearing every week! Ride sharing allows backpackers to save money, and meet other young travellers with similar Australia travel plans.

Here are just some of the most popular ways backpackers in Australia are finding their rides:. Within the Australian backpacking community, most people consider ride-sharing as one of the safest options for young travellers to get around. It is low cost; highly social; and tends to match like-minded travellers who are all working towards a similar goal.

Australia is considered relatively safe and crime-free in comparison to many other countries young travellers visit.

But there are certainly some precautions backpackers can take when taking up ride-sharing offers or using ride-sharing apps or services:. Our suggestion would be to not plan your whole trip around ride-sharing. But is buying your own vehicle a good idea? A decade ago, you might have heard horror stories. Young travellers breaking down in the middle of the Australian wilderness and ending up stranded in the outback with an expensive repair bill. This can still happen, but is far less common for the following reason:. In the last few years, a number of businesses have popped-up in Australia with the sole purpose of selling reliable cars and vans to young travellers and backpackers.

These businesses provide certain warranties and assurances in relation to reliability and breakdowns, and will even guarantee to buy the vehicle back off you at the end of your trip…regardless of the condition!

In our opinion, this option is much safer than it has been in the past, and is well worth exploring if you plan to be in Australia for 6 months or more. But if you have this it might just be worth it! If you like the sound of owning your own vehicle in Australia, we suggest you checkout the following service:. Travellers Autobarn not only rent campervans and station-wagons to young travellers at very affordable prices. But they also sell you their vehicles.

The above 4 Australia travel and transport options would be our top recommendations for young travellers and backpackers visiting Australia for the first time. But bear in mind there are other options as well. Australia has a great rail network, that is very affordable compared to many other countries, and an excellent network of domestic flights that cut down travel time considerably if you have the budget. If you still need any help of support in planning your Australia travel and transport options, give Australian Surf Tours a call or drop us an email.

We love offering advice, and can often book things for you quickly and easily at our reduced agency rates! This information is extremely useful when it comes to organising your Australia travel plans. Ensuring you plan your trip around the seasons can make all the difference between a thoroughly enjoyable adventure, or a washed-out, cold and challenging experience.

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We have put together some tips for planning your trip around the seasons, and when to avoid certain regions to ensure you make the most of your adventures:. Unless you are a fan of oppressive heat; high humidity levels; and regular thunderstorms and rain, we would recommend visiting the Tropical north in the dry-season, and avoiding the Tropical North of Australia between the months of November and May. Many tours and activities are closed during this time, and most backpackers will be further south where it will be peak-time in regards to the weather — hot, sunny and mostly dry!

Although there have been less than deaths from these stings in the last years, it is still important to know the dangers and avoid the risk altogether.

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When you are up in the tropical north during the wet season, a dip in the ocean can seem very inviting, but sticking to a swimming pool is going to be the best option where there are no little or large critters that can cause you harm! Saltwater crocodiles live in both saltwater and freshwater areas of Northern Australia.

They are common throughout the seasons in the top end of Australia, and you should always be aware of the risk of a saltwater crocodile attack. To stay safe, avoid swimming in all creeks, oceans and waterways unless designated a crocodile free zone, and a safe swimming area. It is also a good idea to stay a safe distance from waters edge to avoid the risk of crocodile attacks. Australia is renowned for its great summer vibe! And the best place to do this is in the temperate south during the summer months.

But as you travel south, the window does start to close down a little.

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If you intend to visit Tasmania for these summer vibes, best to plan your trip between December and February. Otherwise you might be in for a cold wake-up! If it is the ocean that appeals to you and this is what we are all about at Australian Surf Tours , then rest assured that unlike the tropical north, you are safe to swim all year around without the fear of deadly stingers and other jellyfish encroaching on your safety.

In summary, if you are arriving into Australia in our Spring or Summer Sep-Feb , then stay south with the intention of heading further north in time for the start of the dry-season May-Jun.

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If you are arriving in Autumn or Winter it may well be worth heading up to our northern regions to enjoy the warmer climates and join the majority of young backpackers staying in this area. Budget accommodation in Australia is widely available. But it is also very popular. They include:.

So we have put together our top recommendations for Sydney and Melbourne. It is large, clean and has some great facilities including a travel agent, bar, cafe, and internet. It is definitely worth checking out if you are short of somewhere to stay for a night or two! Likewise, on couchsurfing.

One of our AST guests spent over 3 months couchsurfing around Australia and said it was probably the cheapest 3 months of his adult life! Campervans, roof-top tents, station-wagons, and swags are favourites amongst an amazing cross-section of people. But there are also some rules and etiquette that must be adhered to when camping in Australia.

If you choose not to adhere to these rules, you will quickly be moved on or even fined by local councils; park rangers; and even the police…so beware. Pulling off to the side of the road and bunking down for the night has been going on in Australia since the first roads were laid. Everyone has done it at some point, from truckies to young travellers. But are you allowed to do it? Its a very grey area in regards to the law. Rest from driver fatigue is highly encouraged, however overnight camping in undesignated areas is not.

You really need to use some common sense…but here are some helpful suggestions:. The better and more accepted option would be to seek out designated camp sites along your route or at your destinations. There are literally thousands of camp sites and parks around Australia, and a lot of these are completely free to use! They offer useful facilities to those that use them. From basic toilets and showers at some of the free sites, to full laundry services, swimming pools, kitchens, and games rooms at the larger holiday parks you can setup in. There are loads of guides and apps you can purchase or download to guide you to some of these camping spots.

However, our favourite by far is Wiki Camps. Money Tips — How to access your money securely in Australia Gone are the days of requiring bundles or local currency stashed in your suitcase. Or sheets of travellers cheques that no one is really to sure what to do with! Ensuring you can access your hard-earnt savings when you need to, whilst ensuring your money is secure and safe is a concern for every traveller.

However, as a young traveller it would be very un-wise to bring large amounts of cash with you to fund your travelling expenses. Hostels are not particularly secure, especially if you are bunking in shared dorms. The in room balcony dining on board Princess Cruises. There are theatre shows, crooners, music and dancing; no wonder the The Love Boat was filmed on a Princess Cruise. And of course dining. This is the cruise line that brought you rock climbing walls, wave pools, ice skating rinks, dodgem cars, a circus school, roller skating rink and cocktails served by robots.

The indoor pool on board the Ovation of the seas. There are several more pools including an outdoor pool and the adults only indoor Solarium. Royal Caribbean has the widest appeal in the market as there really is something for people of all ages on the menu aboard these mega-ships. The great all-rounder, Royal Caribbean is a firm favourite for families and couples. Known for its high-energy holidays and activities, first-time cruisers are often surprised at how easy it is to also find some peace and quiet in lounges scattered across the ship.

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The Seaplex compels on baord Ovation of the Seas is a bumper car track, full size basket ball court and trapeze circus school space. Royal Caribbean is the largest cruise brand in Australia, with four ships including the biggest ship to sail in Australian waters — Ovation of the Seas. Ovation of the Seas passes the Sydney Opera House. NCL positions itself as a more upmarket family experience with products like the Haven — a resort-style sanctuary at the top of the ship whose suites and villas give guests exclusive spa access, a hour butler service, private dining, private pools and relaxation areas.

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But to keep the kids entertained the options are limited compared to the likes of Royal Caribbean and Carnival until it brings one of its ships equipped with go-kart tracks into Australian waters, perhaps. The Garden Cafe on board Norwegian Jewel is the classic cruise buffet. NCL can be a great option for both multi-generational groups stay in the three-bedroom Garden Villa that sleeps eight and singles with its tough-to-book-because-they-are-in-high-demand studio staterooms for one.

As you would expect, food and drink is in abundance with 16 dining options, 15 bars and nightclubs. The Bliss Ultra lounge on board Norwegian Jewel is the late night bar to relive your clubbing days. For something a little different, Coral Expeditions is an expert in small-ship cruising in Australia. The new ship carries passengers and has been specially designed for extended expedition cruising, with Xplorer expedition tenders ensuring ease of access for shore excursions.

Jump off the back of the ship for some snorkeling on board Coral Expeditions. Think chesterfields, promenades, chamber music and Broadway musicals with a plethora of restaurants. Holland America has two very different styles of ships in our waters, each offering a wealth of interesting shore excursions and on-board activities.

Noordam features wonderful art and cooking classes while Maasdam offers EXC In-Depth Voyages including Zodiac tours to stunning and intriguing destinations. On the ms Oosterdam, the Lido Bar is a great place for refreshing breaks from swimming, lounging in the hot tub or catching some sun. The cruise line is now based in the US but retains its Dutch connections through its ship names. Holland America ships you might see in Australia: Noordam , Maasdam. Azamara Club Cruises is an up-market boutique cruise line operating two guest ships.

Perhaps the most affordable of the five-star class of ships, Azamara is luxury without ostentation. The pool deck on board the upmarket boutique Azamara Journey.

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The mid-size ships feel like boutique hotels, with a friendly, relaxed service that makes guests feel at home. This is pitched firmly at couples, who want to take things slow and relaxed with a high level of service and refinement. The on-board entertainment is cabaret with a little bit of Broadway and opera thrown in.

Luxury accommodation on board Azamara Journey.