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Valley High School Drama Club

Congratulations to the following cast members! Star aka Stella Grubner Riley Nolan Courtney Cambridge Olivia Tarzia Sally Kasem If you have been in the audience for one of our performances we welcome your reviews in the discussion tab of this page.

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Please indicate which troupe you saw and the date of performance. You're invited to produce your own performances and post them below according to the example format. The only rule is that your actors MUST NOT engage in any other form of direct or indirect support of any other agenda than performances.

Drama Club :: Halloween365 (Never Coming Down)

No shooting zombies, no attacking or healing survivors, etc. This is necessary to ensure that we remain artists and completely neutral without inadvertently taking sides in any conflict.

VHS Drama Club Picture Galleries - Valley High School Drama Club

First Show Ever! The performance was captured on film and is provided below for your amusement. Army of Darkness announces the "Border Tour" of Malton.

We will be traveling clockwise around the border suburbs of Malton with one show in each burb. Screenshots like the above are available for each show below! The following shows are the result of requests made on the Drama Club Booking page.

Apocalypse Now troupe announces the "Outward Spiral" tour of Malton. We will be traveling counter-clockwise from the center of the city and spiraling outward through the burbs, with one show in each burb.

Drama Club - Upcoming Events

Update: The grand finale of the scheduled tour was held on June 28th. Left to Right. Mike Routledge.

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Angela Routledge. Carole Craig-Gilby. Rachel Armstrong. Jean Buckley.

  1. Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.
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  4. Was a British playwright and actor. As a playwright, Benfield wrote more than 30 stage plays. Benfield had made his acting debut, in Yorkshire in