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The rest of the chapters are devoted to the relations between identifiability and parameter uncertainty. This publication is beneficial to students and researchers aiming to acquire knowledge of the identifiability of parametric models. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.

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    Institutional Subscription. Sensitivity analysis is the study of how changes in the output of a model can be apportioned, qualitatively or quantitatively, to variations in different input parameters.

    The simplest way to conduct sensitivity analysis is to repeatedly vary one parameter at a time while holding the others fixed at chosen nominal values Ma et al. In this paper, the restoring force is defined as output, while the kx, kw, p , G, n are defined as input. As a typical example, the base values, excepting n changed to.

    Nonparametric statistics

    The results are shown as figure 2. It can be indicated that kw is most sensitive, while n is least sensitive to restoring force R from. Same conclusion can be obtained when change the region of loading displacement. However kx become more sensitive with the region of loading displacement enlarged. The main idea of the approach of identification proposed in this paper is to utilize the characteristic of Bouc-Wen model and identify the parameters step by step.

    Through mathematical transform, the nonlinear parameter identification problem is transferred into linear problem. Least square method is used for solution. The details of the approach are explained as follows. The loading displacement x is defined as input, while the restoring force R is defined as output. They are all measurable. The first term kxx on the right of Equation 3 is considered to be non-hysteretic component. In order to reduce the difficulty of identification, kx is identified firstly. Ikhouane Ikhouane and Rodellar proposed a method that.

    Yet the low cycle tests of mild steel damper, done in past few years, universally dissatisfy the requirements of this method.

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    This means the increment of restoring force R is mainly controlled by the first term of Equation 3 when the loading displacement is great than five times of yield displacement. Consequently the kx can be determined by Equation 3. And the other four parameters can be identified through least square method. Denoting y as observed valuable, there is:.

    Where Q is the vector to be identified. Since Q varies with n , n is determined by minimizing the error. Consequently, Q is determined.

    Identifiability of Parametric Models

    Then kw, P , o are calculated from the Equation 9. A series of studies and tests of mild steel damper have been conducted in Tongji university Xu The loading equipments are shown as figure 3. The loading mode is based on displacement control, while a triangle signal whose frequency is 0. The force and the relative displacement of the mild steel damper were measured in the test.


    Bouc-Wen model is used to model the mild steel damper. Based on the previously mentioned approach, the parameters are identified from the test results. The experimental versus simulated load displacement results are shown as figure 4. It shows that the simulation successfully fit the experiment results. And the identified Bouc-Wen model can fit the load displacement curve well. And the effect of dynamic load should be considered in the numerical simulation in the future.

    Closed‐loop non‐parametric model identification of synchronous generator using NARX polynomials

    Financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China through grant is highly appreciated. Forced vibration of mechanical systems with hysteresis. Systems with hysteresis: analysis, identification and control using the Bouc-Wen model. Wiley,New York, The hysteresis Bouc-Wen model, a survey. Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering.

    Full-scale tests on value-added performance of 5-story building with various dampers commercially available. San Francisco, Parameter analysis of the differential model of hysteresis. Journal of Applied Mechanics. Hysteretic models for deteriorating inelastic structures. Journal of Engineering Mechanics. Method for random vibration of hysteretic systems. Journal of the Engineering Mechanics Division. MSc thesis on Civil Engineering. Tongji University, Abstract of research paper on Civil engineering, author of scientific article — Xudong Zhu, Xilin Lu Abstract Bouc-Wen model is one of the most widely used parametric models of hysteresis in mechanics.

    Similar topics of scientific paper in Civil engineering , author of scholarly article — Xudong Zhu, Xilin Lu Finite element code-based modeling of a multi-feature isolation system and passive alleviation of possible inner pounding. Force-derivative feedback semi-active control of base-isolated buildings using large-scale MR fluid dampers.