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In addition, how do politicians like Mitt [Romney] or Barry [Obama] change what I have stated in previous paragraphs if they are elected? The analogy I will put forth goes like this … If a house is completely dilapidated by termites and years of no upkeep will changing the picture in the lobby make it more marketable to sell? Any turning of the tide will not be done through the electoral process. Sorry ladies and gents this is a cold hard fact. I think many here realize this and that makes many like myself feel powerless to a certain extent.

Here is the paradox, if it cannot be done by voting how can we reverse things back to a more humble and innocent society? For that I do not have an answer. I really wish I did. But for me they are worth saving. For as ye have drunk upon my holy mountain, so shall all the heathen drink continually, yea, they shall drink, and they shall swallow down, and they shall be as though they had not been.

I included it with the heavy swear words semi-filtered out. Perhaps I have used it in the past out of anger. I included a spot for this comment because there is some truth to it. There is a word that is clothed about with death: God grant that it be not found in the heritage of Jacob; for all such things shall be far from the godly, and they shall not wallow in their sins. Use not thy mouth to intemperate swearing, for therein is the word of sin. Remember thy father and thy mother, when thou sittest among great men. Be not forgetful before them, and so thou by thy custom become a fool, and wish that thou hadst not been born, and curse they day of thy nativity.

The man that is accustomed to opprobrious words will never be reformed all the days of his life. However, this will eventually have to change. Like it or not, if you can disconnect yourself from the whole evil vs. How utterly incredible is that accomplishment. How utterly incredible is it to turn people into drones who slave their entire lives away, paying off debts, making their enslavers richer, while simultaneously raising their children to be carbon-copy clones of themselves. Now that is an utterly amazing feat. And TPTB not only made them like their slavery, they made them revel in their inability to think for themselves.

These programmed drones are the very people who control the herd FOR the Elite. If a herd member starts pointing out what is really going on in the world, the programmed herd members leap into action. Hell, in some cases, they will beat the shit out of the dissenter or worse.

Mission accomplished. These terminally brain-dead zombies ARE the problem. TPTB has merely been demonstrating its overpowering will and its ability to use unbending intent to reach its goals all these years. That in ITSELF is a major example of what we can accomplish together, if we only use the same will and unbending intent.

Ask yourself the same question — be honest with yourself. And I think the more we gravitate toward the infinite, toward what is waiting for us, out there, beyond the borders of our being, the more we start to become just like it — utterly impersonal. The prices keep rising, and personal energy is our most precious commodity …. Nothing you say will get through to them, ever.

Even lambs to the slaughter have their purpose. It is like Fukushima, they have psychologically nuked our culture with their media dirty bomb. So the Jew can do whatever he wants now, there is a mob of crazy, insane whites now who will remain radioactive with ignorance for hundreds of years. We will forever destroy, because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.

Shit happens, right? Just because Hymie Brown happened to be an imposter who somehow got all kinds of National media attention at a crucial time, and just because Hymie made all kinds of demonstrably false and misleading statements concerning the design and construction of the WTC towers, so what? Shit happens. All you have to do is comment on ANY mainstream article, ANY related video on YT, or ANY place where a political discussion is in progress and you will find that bar none there will be an army of Jews there to attack you and censor your comments.

Just simple points or questions. Then just sit back and witness the reaction for yourself. The more calm and peaceful you are in stating your case or asking your questions, the more vile and disgusting their attacks will be. They really believe we are beneath them and it angers them when we so much as call them into question on anything. As a matter of fact, they can and have threatened people over and over again, but the minute a Gentile responds on anywhere near their level, they cry foul and threaten to report them to the authorities.

Jews can rob us, poison us, enslave us, lie to us, and they can even kill us by the millions war, starvation, mass executions, etc. Their anger coming through in their every insult and threat. They absolutely feel it is OK for them to do with us as they please and merely standing up in our own defense OR asking simple questions will anger them to the point that they simply cannot control themselves. It truly is mindless and they will expose themselves for anyone who has even an ounce of doubt remaining. I ask you to simply put this to the test and find out for yourself.

I could give countless examples I have been witnessing this daily for years now and have not found a SINGLE exception in all my efforts , but I would rather you witness it for yourself.

Which will let you know that they clearly have something to hide and an obvious motive for being there. It will also let you see for yourself the level of control they have as your comments disappear from across the internet. Both points being important ones for you to recognize, since it demonstrates their collective complicity and the power they wield through having this control over every mainstream site on the net. You will see 1st hand what they truly feel about anyone who knows and dares to state a single fact about them.

Simply questioning them, on any level, will have you being attacked by a pack of Jew censors who will unleash their anger and frustration on you like you have never seen before. I have been speaking in the same calm, factual, and peaceful manner for years. Many have witnessed and know that I have never once stooped to their level, despite the constant threats towards me and my family. Never once showing myself to be anything near what they have so desperately tried to label me as being. And never once allowing them to get under my skin to the point that I would respond to them on an emotional level.

It truly has been one sided in that sense, yet they feel no shame and do not hesitate to continue on with their insults and threats. They all have the same M. Just a complete loss of emotional control on their part, followed by insults, false labels, strawman arguments, and threats. Humor me. Find out for yourself. The Jews declared economic war on Germany and attempted to starve her to death before its actual war of annihilation six years later, culminating with the Morgenthau Plan, all of which resulted in the violent deaths of at least 20 million Germans, maybe more.

The Germans knew what the Jews intended to do and were justified in doing to the Jews whatever they felt necessary to prevent death and destruction. Since the Palestinians have been experiencing the merciless nature of Judaism. The next humanitarian flotilla is facing merciless Judaism, which murdered nine humanitarians last time. I detest these creatures who wallow in their perceived victim hood, playing the poor misunderstood victim as a means to guilt others into compliance to their evil leftist agenda.

The true victims in both World Wars were all the brave European men and colonials who slaughtered each other for the benefit of the Jews behind the scenes. If you think about it where were the Jews in the Red Army, commissars pulling the strings that led the brave native Russian soldier to die fighting other whites so that Jewish communism could spread to all Europe.

I detest this parasitic satanic cult of evil called Judaism. Hitler knew the score but today is vilified while Jewish sycophants, toadies, like FDR and Churchill are heroes. The lying just never ends. Since Blacks in the U. In truth, Blacks and Jews were the main perpetrators of American slavery.

The Jews were the bankers, brokers, auctioneers of slaves and slave equipment, and slave ship manufacturers based in New England. Blacks were the main slave traders who brought slaves to the New World using slave ships built by Jews and over 6, Blacks owned their own slaves in the U.

Also, many of the people sold into slavery were poor White immigrants from Europe, kidnapped White women and children, and Native Americans, instead of the Jew media stereotype that only Blacks were slaves and only White Christians were the slave owners and traders. In the end a thief will only leave you with the crumbs, there is no such thing as being on the good side of the devil.

The U. Now, all of this could not possibly be from a sane people. The cause is whites failing to identify JEWS as the enemy, thereby allowing them to network until they control the government. With jews heading up immigration ministries across the west, the third world is brought in to replace the white natives. Communism and Zionism is nothing more than Talmudic Judaism in disguise, Communism manipulates the atheist idiots on the left and Zionism manipulates the religious idiots on the right. Whites have been targeted for genocide at the hands of Blacks and Hispanics.

Disinformation seed; jews defend communism always, since it was their invention. McCarthy was percent right, but his estimates of how serious the problem was were far too modest. Anti-white, anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-freedom, anti-anything that is related to the preservation of White, Western European culture and civilization, including the desire to be totally free of subversive jewish domination and influence. News Flash: whites have every legitimate, moral, and justified right to lay exclusive claim to a piece of this Earth and have nations which they control and if they wish to exclude non-whites, since this is the best way to avoid racial and ethnic tension and resentful competition which ALWAYS eventually leads to violence that is also their perfectly legitimate right.

As it also is the perfectly legitimate right of every other ethnic or racial group to establish their unchallenged dominance on their piece of the Earth, and to work to avoid being subjugated to rule by aliens unlike themselves. No other race on this planet has this characteristic and it is, without question, a fatal weakness that these other races use to exploit to the absolute maximum degree and take advantage of whites. Also, this weakness in whites to be susceptible to being guilt-tripped is well known by those who are our racial and ethnic competitors, and these competitors use this tactic on whites relentlessly.

And, so far, they are kicking our white asses all over the field of competition and are taking our nation away from us in the process. This is the core message of Jesus … and many others … some focused on love, some focused on truth, but all agreed … it is the truth that is holy. Without truth, how can you know something? Without knowledge, how can you trust something? Without trust, how can you love something? The truth allows for anything of eternal value … even the satanists agree … of course where the satanists differ is that they believe the truth should be concealed and profited from, not shared.

In order for the complete and total corporate control of the populations to take place it is necessary for the population to be put into a state of acquiescence for all sorts of horrible actions as a matter of routine. Why kill the intelligent? We must also guard against putting our children under medical care. Conventional medicine is another Jew method of genocide. Jews hate and fear Aryan beauty, sensitivity, creativity.

Jews will kill your blue eyed children. Especially those who exhibit high intelligence i. I warned my ex-girlfriend to keep her kids away from Jew doctors. She thought I was a despicable racist. If people think a negative thought about Jews, their programming will punish them. If they continue, and break free of their programming, the Jewish society will punish them.

This stubborn refusal to look at the truth is the natural outcome of people getting all of their information and morals from the same common source: television. All of the TV channels are controlled by Jews, and anything that conflicts with their world view is not going to stay on the TV for very long. The people watch TV programming everyday, sometimes for hours, and they are programmed. Hitler is made into the embodiment of evil; Hitler is the universal metaphor for wickedness.

Those of us who are enlightened to the objective reality that transpires outside of TV land are faced with the prospect of communicating what we see to those watching the Jewish hand-puppet shadow performance on the wall. They lie when it suits them. This is an over-simplification and intellectual dishonesty at its finest.

Free Books by Institute for Christian Economics

Warped by those who would do us harm. In our modern world there are increasing numbers of truly enlightened people for whom international electronic communication has meant great learning, honest enquiry and incredible exposures of long hidden facts. Those who discover the knowledge and who are able to filter through the assault course of distraction and camouflage are now labeled as the new public enemies. Someone who has taken the time amid the deliberate distractions and lies to educate himself of his REAL situation and national environment. Someone who has become dangerous because he might also explain to others how they have been duped by a small criminal cabal.

The true haters are therefore those who construct the lie machine to persecute the vocal and noisy enlightened ones. You then have another category who are secretly enlightened but who will not warn others of the danger or highlight it publicly for selfish reasons in order to keep a job or exploit a career move in a subverted world. Sadly and last of all you then have the dupes who swallow all the conjuring tricks, pretty lights, sleights of hand and deceptions carefully and relentlessly spewed out by the lie-machine box [TV] in the corner of the room.

That is, we are not allowed to hate the people who are trying to kill us. The kikes love totalitarianism and genocide and slavery and you Americans will experience it just as the Slavs and Germans did. The only hope you have is to use those guns that are presently rusting in your closets.

The enemy only respects and obeys one language from the white man: violence. Remember, they hate us to death and will exult when we are gone. No jew has ever expressed regret for the hundreds of millions of our people his tribe has destroyed through war, famine, slavery, abortion, feminism, the homo agenda, the pollution of our food and medicine and the destruction of our economies over the last couple of centuries. Why would he want peace with jews? Why did jews fund his rise to power? We can win this without making Hitler a hero or villain. It is only consequential in so much as it relates to our current position.

In all fairness, we should give credit where credit is due: Most U. What we need are a few heroes in positions of influence to lay their best interests or what they mistakenly perceive them to be aside and stand against evil, to turn about and do a human thing. Yet, I do not believe there are any such could-have-been heroes in positions of influence. They have long since been weeded out …. Blow up a shopping center? The Jews have indeed taken over the world, and they know it, and they are displaying smug smiles to all the goyim they intend to kill.

You know this is true. How could you not? So there it is. The question is, what do you intend to do about it? They are oh so proud of the fact that they represent a minuscule percentage of the human race, yet are so goddamn devious that they have hornswoggled and all but destroyed 99 percent of the human race, who are not Jewish, and so, in their minds, have no right to exist except for their forbearance.

In other words, they will tolerate us goyim, so long as we behave ourselves. Serve well and live, slave. Object and die. So, how does that sit with you? Do you think, perhaps, it is time to act? There is no savior who is going to bail us out. Jesus is not going to save us. Not that you want to hear this, but we are meant to save ourselves. It has to do with accepting responsibility, and it is the only way to ascend to a higher level. It is time to stand. Time to speak to whomever you know, and tell them the truth.

Regardless of how they will respond. This is the keystone world, and there are no second chances. Jews have taken over the United States and are wiping their asses with its citizens, soldiers are left to die unwanted by the Jewish elite who are using the USA to destroy Jewish enemies including the USA. Do you want things to change then say the word Jew. The enemy is inside the gates and the tribe is destroying everything, just the other day the SPLC names Constitution loving Americans as the enemy, the Justice Department thinks Veterans are the enemy.

They have done much harm to us and they only plan to do much more evil unless we put a stop to them. The punishment of thine iniquity is accomplished, O daughter of Zion; he will no more carry thee away into captivity: he will visit thine iniquity, O daughter of Edom; he will discover thy sins. The adversary has taken us into captivity as a punishment for our iniquity. Just as our God has allowed us to be taken into captivity because of our own iniquities, God will soon visit the iniquity of our adversaries, who have done much violence against us. Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the Lord, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward.

Why should ye be stricken any more? From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment. Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers [H] devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.

And the daughter of Zion is left as a cottage in a vineyard, as a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, as a besieged city. We have been swamped with strangers non-Israelites , and the adversary is responsible for doing this Obadiah The politicians, who promised everything before the election, but when elected never fulfilled even a tiny part of those promises, will be elected by those same people again and again. Do you remember all the promises by Obama and what happened once he was in the WH?

He will be back for four more years to serve Israel [Edom], not you. Jews were fooling and cheating us goyims for thousands of years, yet we let them come back again and take our money and everything else! In Europe, only three generations after the Holocaust where supposedly 6 million jews died, they are back in power again, run the governments and the banks. Do you really think reading those books will change anything?

People will be pissed off for about a week or two, after that they go and vote for those jewish congressmen and senators. The rest are just bought by the zionist money. Who elected them, their fellow jews? No, the stupid goyims, giving the power of government and their country to those traitors serving only the interests of jews [Edomites] and Israel [Edom]. Think of this when you go to vote next week!!!

Anyone, who is a bible thumping born again christian, supporting Israel [Edom] and the zionists with everything they can, are just as traitorous to this nation as those jews are. They are selling the future of their children to the chosen people [self-chosen impostors], who will take everything and give nothing back. It is easier to fool Americans than taking candy from a new born baby, so wake up and grow some brains and balls!!!!

Politicians are mainly scoundrels who can be bought for money. I was speaking about the few informed, intelligent people who can never be fooled again once they know the truth about the Jews. But I admit, they are a small minority with little power in the world. The internet can spread the message better than before, but still in the real world Jewish Big Lies continue to have success.

Races exist- it is a biological, DNA fact! Just as there are Pit bulls and Greyhounds, Sparrows and Eagles, so are there white, black and Asiatic people with sub racial groups beneath them. That is Jewish brainwashing brought about by the Frankfort School Marxists. Keep buying the Jewish egalitarian claptrap and you will find more war, strife and sufferings for everyone.

This is not by accident. Recognizing racial facts does not automatically equate to hating other races. That is more Jewish nonsense programming. How many White people feel somewhat defenseless in defending themselves in some ways by the threat of the use of the slur RACIST that could be used against them? If anyone objected, I would scream Racist! If I hated a certain race, I might do that. But I am not doing that.

Anti-whites are doing it to White people in all White countries and only White countries. Only White countries are doing this, only anti-Whites are pushing it. When Blacks have identity it is called pride. When Semites Jews have identity it is called history. When White People have identity it is called racism! If you have been paying attention, you understand how true this really is. White people are simply not allowed to collectively express themselves as a group with their own interests without severe negative consequences from the powers that be.

But non-White groups get the green light from the media, the churches, the schools, and the establishment for their incessant self-promotion. Why is that? A major part of the puzzle is the fact that Jews dominate our mass media, and they have a racial agenda. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country. We [Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about half a century.

That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible…. Jews stick out like a sore thumb then. People might notice them and their behavior more. Preventing Whites from doing anything about our dispossession — preventing us from even thinking about our own survival as a people — preventing us from undoing what Raab and his ilk have done to us — is the real reason the media treat White racialists as if they are evil incarnate and Black and Brown racialists like they are heroes.

This is what these vile bastards are doing to us. Once the American people get it about these trouble-makers, their days are numbered. They know this. I am not currently against the folks who hold these beliefs because I have had similar thoughts as them in the past, but I am not sold on this narrative. I can also see why they would be disappointed in me for thinking on this issue more critically because a certain amount of bias plays into their beliefs. For more information, see section 09 of my treatise. Nazism was designed as well to destroy Germany from within by losing the war on purpose and indoctrinating Christian Germans with a pagan mirror version of Zionism.

Any moron could have taken the British Army at Dunkirk thereby staving off a Western invasion later. Any moron could have taken Moscow before the winter hit, which allowed the Jewish Marxists to regroup. Any moron could have taken Palestine thus dividing the world into two camps, creating a southern front against Russia and a linkage to the Japanese. If Hitler would have allowed either Moscow to be taken or Palestine to be taken, do you not think the Zionists would have switched sides?

This is why it was not allowed to happen. First they took control of the Crown and Banking in England. Then they took control of France by way of the Revolution. After this they took out Russia and destroyed Germany twice. Then they stripped Europe of Christianity. Now they have the ultimate prize in their sight. They want to finish off America, the UK and all of its colonies, who they also stripped of its true Christianity by way of a physical genocide of our white-Christian populations. Again, totally different story. You can be a Hitler lover if you want. To me, he was full of shit.

It is so frustrating and can be overwhelming. This false reality is all they know. They have covered not only all the bases but every piece of dirt on the field and every blade of grass. One minute I feel encouraged that people are waking up and the next I feel it is hopeless. Truth first. I will stand on the highest soapbox and scream the truth about the JP at the top of my lungs. In any environment and at any time. I will do it with my portable amplifier on the Las Vegas strip … as I expect to do very shortly. Hopefully, I will find a good framework and points of reference to explain it in a coherent manner ….

They genocided the white man, not the other way around. The white man was here first. What were they afraid of us finding out? They raped and scalped the women and children and killed all the men. These poor white folks died a horrible death. Too many older white women spend their entire check on these stupid casinos while the fat Indians laugh all the way to the bank with their tax free money. Not to mention all their free Indian clinics and their free education. We owe non-whites nothing. Plus in the Civil War our poor men many times had to have limbs amputated with NO anesthesia.

  1. Pseudo-Christian Movements: A Selection of Works.
  2. FoC11- Entering into True Happiness, Pt 4: Living By Faith.
  3. Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Materials Science: A Short Course.
  4. Inherit The Earth.

Poor things. So no, we owe non-whites Jack shit. Educational systems. Religious institutions — hierarchy of ANY sort — is such a crock of bullshit it makes my head hurt. And the saddest part is that so many revere these ass-clowns! You have a diploma and a nice white coat? Been published and have gotten favorable reviews from your peers?

Risen to the top of your field and are adored by many? In fact, it is showing more likely that you are a nutter who is only seeking the glory for yourself and NOT working in the best interest of your fellow man — therefore, a problem rather than solution. Sorry for the rant and for the harsh language, all. I am just so tired of the results of being led to our troubles by a bunch of assholes with superiority complexes. They push each other into place if you watch to keep you completely bewildered with hype.

Have you ever noticed that all of these anti-Zionists are only steps away from people who are only steps away from the main stream media? How could he possibly miss this fact? I would rather listen to someone who knows the massive scam going on and has been going on for centuries that have held none of these positions simply because the truth has not allowed him to. The truth is you are frozen in a tunnel, petrified to take the next step toward more truth or you never intended to go all the way to begin with. I call them professional activists, which of course is a Jewish paradigm.


I recall daily a quote attributed to Nahum Sokolow sp? Or organizing homeschooling amongst us that explicitly teaches true history without progressive liberal propaganda? Will this bring back the country? Well, forget the country, the only answer on that matter, if there is one, is its dissolution, so who cares about the whole country. But just the few things that I am mentioning here would be a mighty fine start to give some of the honest people left in the country something practical and real to sink their teeth into as a beginning to separation.

You have stated separation must be the goal if I remember correctly, and once again I agree completely. Today, just by coincidence, I met Brother Nathaniel in person. I was curious to see if there was something there or not. It is very different to look a man in the eyes, shake his hand and have a real discussion rather than trading posts on the internet back and forth. People can present themselves very differently behind this screen.

With this money, Brother Nathaniel has a plan with his lawyer that will cost an estimated grand in court costs to sue for the right to put up a nativity scene at the White House next Christmas. I now know that guys like Brother Nate are sitting on ample funds to be able to start the ball rolling on positive change for a healthy, Jew-wise, Christian sub-culture.

I have believed my whole adult life that for the most part, good character, proper self-esteem, cultural pride and moral ethics are traits that are developed through a slow process of influences on a person that happen during their upbringing within a society that reflects such values. I had assumed until recently, that almost all decent people in our country, especially white folks, would completely agree with this statement. And why do these traits matter? Well, look around at the Jew-created reality around us that is absent of these traits and observe its citizens wallowing in the Jew pigsty.

This is how and why the Jew continues to reign supreme. But just like you stated Mel with your experience of Duke shutting down the phone lines when you asked about , I get the same response each time I bring this subject to the table. I think there are two reasons for this: First, what I am proposing is work that will take much more effort than posting and writing on the internet. Not just work, but physical, emotional and financial investment.

Right zionism emerged as a significant movement under conditions adverse to the gradual development of zionism, at a time when it seemed that zionism could not mobilise the international support it needed. At this desperate conjuncture the right was willing to abandon the protective umbrella of imperialist support. It was willing to risk huge sacrifices in order to save the maximum number of Jews. It believed in building a Jewish power base in Palestine, which would eventually become politically independent.

This meant a long-term patient colonisation 'dunam here and dunam there'. It was a reaction to the gathering storm in Europe and a conviction that time was running out. The 'right' believed that a declaration — even unilateral — of a Jewish state, coupled with the growing Jewish distress in Europe, would set legions of Jews on the move to Palestine. Armed and trained, they would conquer Palestine in one brief 'revolutionary' act.

The difference between the philosophies of the 'one glorious act' and the 'long hard slog' had other ramifications. The right concerned itself almost solely with the questions of evacuation and military conquest. It believed that questions of colonisation of the land and the development of the Jewish society, its forms and institutions, should be dealt with through the future state and not through particularistic party bodies.

The 'left' developed the theory of 'halutsiut' 'pioneering'. With its emphasis on gradual colonisation, it saw in immigration only the first step in the individual's commitment to zionism. Halutsiut emphasized voluntarism — the internalisation of the aims of zionism, settlement and building Jewish institutions in Palestine. Halutsiut was preached as a way of life, the self-realisation of zionism.

It attacked individualism, the pursuit of self-gain and fulfilment and advocated collectivism, sacrifice and self-dedication to the collective national effort of constructing the zionist enterprise. This philosophy borrowed from the symbolism of Russian populism and socialism, which was culturally meaningful to the immigrants from east Europe, though it was implanted in a completely different context. Although hostility existed between the rank and file of these two camps in zionism, it was much less important among the leaderships of these two parties. The few serious clashes which they had were more symbolic than real.

The need to maintain unity in the face of volatile international conditions and a permanent war oriented the two parties towards a policy of peaceful co-existence instead of an open and cut-throat political competition. The pattern of this agreement is roughly of power sharing — first within the zionist movement then within the Histadrut, later in coalition government, and most recently in access to high positions within the army and the Ministry of Defence. The power sharing does not mean that the participants get equal shares and have no conflicts. Labour maintained its dominant hold in key positions of these centres of power.

Unlike the more formal ties that exist between the component parties of the Labour Alliance and the parties of the governmental coalition, the ties between the leaders of Labour and Likud are informal. They express themselves in forms such as [prime minister] Rabin's report to Begin upon his return from Kissinger before reporting to the Cabinet, 6 or by the recent proliferation of advisers to the premier and to other ministers, through which the opposition participates in the decision-making process.

An economy of unilateral transfers Another characteristic of Israel is the nature of the control of the economy. This is a consequence of the relative independence of the state from the economy. Profit seeking foreign investment has played a small role in the development of the Israeli economy.

The three other main sources of capital formation have been:. Capital brought in by immigrants including German reparations. Self-accumulated capital. The unilateral transfers and loans received by Israel from Jewish supporters and from friendly governments. Of these three, by far the most important and largest is the third; and the unilateral transfers are the bulk of this category. The unilateral transfers are received through the Jewish Agency and the government, which then redistribute them in the economy. The allocation of access positions is the ultimate source of power in this type of unilateral receipts economy and has been firmly held by Mapai.

Sapir in brought about the first serious challenge to Mapai's control of such key positions in the Jewish Agency. The decision not to block other parties from access to redistribution positions, but instead to use dominance to allocate access positions as a bargaining device, was one of the cleverest techniques devised by Mapai in the s. It created the pattern through which Mapai co-opted other parties to cooperate with it and forged Israel's ruling power bloc under its leadership.

Control of the redistribution of money is one form of political control over the economy. In addition, there is the control of the state and public owned sectors of the economy. These sectors are much larger in Israel than in any of the western capitalist countries: more than half of the country's industry and most of its agriculture, almost all heavy industry, metal, petro-chemical, engineering and construction are in these sectors.

They also have their own finance institutions; two of the three major banks, Bank Leumi and Bank Hapoalim are Jewish Agency and Histadrut owned. The public sector comprises the Jewish Agency and Histadrut owned companies. The ownership in both cases is a legal fictitious entity: the 'Jewish people' and the 'Workers Society' respectively. The embodiment of these legal entities are the representatives of the zionist political parties in the executive bodies of the Agency and the Histadrut.

The Histadrut enterprises are not owned by their workers. Where ownership is fictitious, what matters is control. By distributing appointments to key economic positions according to political criteria and setting the ratio of allocation, the political establishment controls the state, Histadrut and Agency owned sectors. In all these cases ownership does not prove anything about the nature of production. Israel is a capitalist country. The non-private sector is geared to a market economy and the workers have no control over the process of production.

The private sector is less politically controlled than the state and public sectors. However, even here political intervention is by far greater than in most capitalist countries. The ability to establish a profitable private enterprise depends on the achievement of favourable conditions: loans, concessions, government contracts, exemption from taxes, cheap foreign currency, protection from imports, etc. All these have to be obtained from institutions where the key positions are held by political appointees. The result is a regime of favouritism. In return for rendering services to the state, the parties are able to extract funds 8 and further appointments of their faithful to key jobs.

Despite this system some private enterprises, especially in the diamond, food processing, textile industries, building contracting companies and international commerce, have achieved a degree of independence from state control. This is the economic base of the big bourgeois parties. The independence of the parties is manifested in two ways: A. The parties have created means of self-financing that are not based on the voluntary contributions of their supporters; B.

The party bureaucracy is self-appointed and members have very limited control over it. This must be explained in some detail. The zionist parties are financed in the following ways: 1. Through the Jewish Agency, which pays these parties annual sums proportional to their strength in the Zionist Congress of Through the Histadrut, first from collections which it conducts abroad; second from a political tax levied on all its members and from which parties draw according to fixed ratios decided at the time when the tax was introduced.

This is not dues which supporters pay to their own party, but a tax that every member 'contributes' to all the parties. According to a law introduced in , parties are also financed by the state. Although state financing of parties has been introduced in recent years in some other western capitalist countries, the law in Israel has no parallel elsewhere. The sum per voter in Israel is 14 times bigger than in Germany. The total sum received by parties from the state in Israel in the last four years is larger than the sum received by the Democrats and Republicans together in the US presidential elections.

Despite all these grants, the main parties in Israel are heavily in debt, due to their gigantic bureaucratic machines and election expenses. To resolve their financial crisis, they introduced last year a bill in parliament which would grant them special consolidation loans under exceptional terms.

As the parties involved have a clear majority in parliament there is nothing but public outcry to stop them allocating to themselves as much as they want, providing all the major parties share in the booty. They are also involved in business abroad. Party members in high public positions also make available to their parties funds of the institutions they control. Members' dues and donations are the smallest source of most zionist parties' income although it is larger among the Independent Liberals and Liberals. The bourgeois zionist parties in Israel are financed in a more traditional western way than the labour.

The party bureaucracy is a self-elected and self-perpetuating body which is almost independent of its members. The national proportional election system in Israel presents the voter with a national list of party parliamentary candidates, nominated by the central organisation of the party. The nomination is usually made by an informal elected body which controls the party. The party internal organisation: either the organisation postpones internal elections for years to avoid change in its leadership; or the elected bodies are not effectively in command of major decisions, which are made outside them; or a guaranteed place in the leading bodies of the party is given to its leadership ex-officio.

This involves not a few people, but a considerable proportion of the parties' central bodies — enough to ensure their continued control of the party. The result of this combination of election system and internal party organisation is a remarkably stable political regime. Although the hawkish Likud bloc gained State-controlled trade unions The control of the class struggle through state-dominated trade unions is yet another aspect in which the primacy of politics manifests itself in Israel and in which Israel differs from most bourgeois democratic western countries.

The special nature of the Histadrut and the role that it played in the colonisation process in Palestine have been discussed elsewhere and are beyond the scope of this article. The Histadrut was the embryo of the zionist state and through its control of the Histadrut Mapai now the Labour Party came to control the state. Since the inception of Israel, and for almost a generation, control of these two institutions has been in the hands of the same party, which came to regard both as two arms of the same apparatus. The combined domination of state and Histadrut means that the Labour Party decides the economic policies of the country and also controls the institutional outlets of workers' responses to these policies.

The Histadrut is the main tool to make the workers acquiesce in government wage, price and tax policies. A foreign expert on Mapai correctly commented: 'No Israeli government could succeed without steady co-operation from the Histadrut, whereas the latter's steadfast and destructive opposition could without doubt prevent effective government.

The Histadrut has virtual monopoly of the representation of workers in Israel, which was achieved when Herut Gahal joined the Histadrut in , and its weak rival workers' organisation was phased out. The monopoly was reinforced in the Labour Relations Law which confers on the Histadrut the status of the legal representative of the workers in Israel and outlaws strikes unauthorised by it. The effectiveness of the Histadrut stems also from the high proportion of the population which belongs to it — the highest in any capitalist country.

But this does not indicate anything about the class consciousness of Israeli workers — they are compelled to join. Israel has no national health service and public medicine was left deliberately in the hands of the Histadrut. Workers who do not join risk not obtaining basic medical care for their families. Thus the large membership of the Histadrut is due to manipulation of state services in order to control the workers.

Compared with trade unions in western capitalist countries, the Histadrut is much more centralised. Individual unions and local organisations have very little autonomy. The only direct personal elections take place at work-place level, the lowest hierarchical rung. Other elections are on a party, national-proportional basis, which gives party centres in the Histadrut full control over candidates and appointees to all positions, local and national.

All Israeli parties, including the most extreme right-wing and religious, participate in these elections. Major decisions are made by the Labour government and Histadrut bosses in party meetings and are only brought for formal ratification to the executive committee.

The majority of strikes in Israel are unauthorised by the Histadrut, which means that the Histadrut does not defend the strikers or mobilise solidarity for them. In most cases they cannot draw from the strike funds to which their Histadrut dues have contributed. The Histadrut is thus not a western, reformist-type trade union but a state-controlled 'state' is used here in the wider sense of the zionist establishment organisation which more closely resembles the bureaucratic authoritarian type.

The existence of the Histadrut is a major obstacle to the development of the class struggle in Israel. It perpetuates ethnic divisons and chauvinism among workers. It sets back the development of political consciousness among workers; they recognise in the Histadrut the whole spectrum of political parties in the country. With few exceptions this leads to sporadic and isolated conflicts on specific issues which have been fairly easy to contain and control. All these features of the zionist state clearly demonstrate that Israel is not a bourgeois democratic capitalist state, but is a different kind of society — more authoritarian and more bureaucratic.

Most Israelis like to think of Israel as a 'western democracy' and this myth is encouraged by the zionist establishment. However, when this mistake is found in an important publication of the communist party which deals with the 'dangers of fascism in Israel' it is far more serious. By the lack of its own analysis it helps to perpetuate pro-zionist myths.

One example of this is the way in which Israel is regarded as a 'western monopoly-capitalist country'. Another is the acceptance of Labour zionism's classification of 'left' and 'right' zionist parties at face value. Israel is in the throes of an acute crisis: economic, ideological, political and international. Although Israel is part and parcel of the capitalist world, and the world crisis is thus reflected in Israel too, it is reflected in a particular way which is mediated through the zionist state's special structure and the special forms of its relationship with the capitalist west.

Contrary to widely held views, Israel is far from being an economic miracle. Its rate of economic growth, which was high in the first decade of its existence, slackened in the sixties to an average of 4. It fell further in the early s to about 3. Israel is also an inefficient economy in the utilisation of its production capacity; recent reports show that 40 per cent was idle during the Os. Israel's ability to pursue its three basic objectives — maintain a huge war machine, absorb Jewish immigration and sustain a western standard of living — is not a result of its own economic performance but an outcome of its ability to obtain unilateral transfers.

Israel is unique in being a unilateral transfers economy. The volume of these transfers, the sources they come from and the conditions attached to their use are crucial factors for Israel's economy. Israel has always had a large balance of payments deficit. Since however the foreign debt has been growing at a higher rate than ever before, so much so that in the debt per capita was about seven times that of Britain:. There are two main reasons for this growing debt. The spiralling world inflation since raised the price of Israel's imports at a higher rate than its unilateral receipts and its exports.

Since then, all-out wars and wars of attrition became bigger, more sophisticated and longer. The cost of maintaining an adequate war machine soared beyond the means of the traditional unilateral transfers. In its efforts to stick to its basic objectives, Israel resorted to more and more borrowing on the international finance market and from the USA. While Israelis often complain about the heavy economic burden of the war, recent research shows that until the costs of wars were covered by transfers from abroad. In the wake of the war the government reflated the economy in order to return the economy, paralysed due to mobilisation, back to normal.

These measures resulted in a galloping inflation of 56 per cent. The balance of payments deficit grew ominously and more than trebled from to Further borrowing on the international market became more and more expensive and difficult, and was only granted under conditions adverse to Israel's protectionist economic policy. The result of this policy was a deep recession. However, mass unemployment among Jews was prevented at the expense of expanding the numbers of workers in services and continuous deficit-spending. The reasons against allowing mass unemployment were political and will be discussed later.

The growing inability of Israel to finance itself from traditional unilateral transfer sources brought about yet another development. Having no other choice, Israel requested in the wake of the war direct military and economic aid from the USA. For the first time the US was asked to shoulder directly the financing of one of Israel's objectives — the maintenance of its war machine. Ironically, this need of Israel's coincided with a major, if gradual shift in US policy in the Middle East. The US has attempted since to secure its interests in the area by defusing the remnants of Nasserism and populist radical Pan-Arabism.

It is trying to forge direct links with individual regimes in the Arab countries. Although this does not inevitably make Israel superfluous in capitalism's new schemes in the area, it certainly changes the degree of identity and overlapping of interests between Israel and the USA. This was reflected in the low profile that Israel kept during Syria's intervention in the Lebanon. The coincidence of reliance on the USA when the USA is less dependable from Israel's point of view than ever before is a major cause for alarm in Israel, for this growing direct dependence may be used by the USA as a lever to pressure Israel to change her recalcitrant attitude towards withdrawal from occupied territories.

The international crisis Israel's dwindling international support and growing isolation are well known and do not require elaboration. What do perhaps need further clarification are the implications of this for Israel. The nature of zionism, which depends on the dynamism of Jewish immigration from abroad, its unilateral transfers economy and the continuous Israeli-Arab conflict, makes Israel more dependent on international support than most other countries. In countries where there are substantial Jewish communities, zionism seeks the support or at least the approval of governments and public opinion in order to be able to work legally to mobilise the Jewish community.

This means:. The right to propagate zionist ideas and to found zionist organisations without their being seen as subversive foreign agencies and the ability to recruit and train immigrants from these countries. The right to raise funds for a foreign country Israel and transfer them out of the host country — which increases the foreign debt of the country involved. Zionists call these privileges which they have in the western countries 'democratic rights', which makes them more defensible to the liberal conscience.

This, however, need not be so and the zionists are no principled supporters of democracy. The simple fact is that in countries which object to zionism, zionist work has been far more difficult and less effective. Another reason for the importance of good international standing for zionism is related to the Israeli-Arab conflict. Unlike most other conflicts between states, the crux of this conflict is the question of the legitimacy of the nature of the zionist state, and not only its borders. Legitimacy is as good as the universality of its recognition.

This point was perfectly understood by zionism since the days of Balfour and the League of Nations. It has been the main aim of Israel's foreign policy in its drive to establish international connections. The erosion of Israel's international position since threatens in the last instance the recognition of its right to exist. These two reasons have longer term repercussions on Israel's future; but the increasing isolation also has more immediate affects. Israel's growing conflict with international organisations also puts pressures on those countries which still support Israel.

They are put in the dilemma of re-considering either their attitude towards these international organisations or their position towards Israel. As there is no likely substitute for the UN in maintaining some 'international order', Israel's supporters will eventually have to decide between modifying their position on Israel or paying an increasing political and economic price for it.

The erosion of support for Israel and its backers ties Israel's hands in using its military capability. Israel's isolation makes it more difficult for her to reap the benefits of a successful military operation. It also makes it more unlikely that Israel will get the 'OK' for military ventures from its super-power backers.

Until now, approval by a super-power of her decision to go to war has been a sine qua non in Israel's politics. A decision to go it alone is almost certain to cost Israel the guaranteed war supplies, the containment of the reaction of the Soviet bloc and the element of surprise. Israel's isolation thus has the immediate implication of being a constraint on her freedom to act.

Emigration and immigration Relatively little is known outside Israel about emigration. Yet this is one of the indicators of the crisis with which Israel is faced. The ignorance which existed about this problem for many years was part of a deliberate Israeli effort. In a country based on the legitimising belief in the 'in-gathering of exiles', and which prides itself on being a 'melting pot', information on emigration was regarded as bad publicity and defamation. Concealment was also part of the policy of containment. Emigrants were treated in Israel and by zionists abroad as deserters, and as a result they tended to feel shame and to hide the fact that they did not intend to return.

This restricted their influence on other Israelis and on potential Jewish immigrants abroad. In Israel it was believed that 'hushing up' the problem would prevent it from spreading, Denial of the problem was also economical, for if there was no problem there was no need for expensive root treatment. There are no accurate statistics on emigration because of difficulties of definition. Most recent estimates vary between , to , since Israel was founded.

Furthermore, and contrary to what is believed, most of the emigrants were not newcomers. Until , 50 per cent were veterans of whom 31 per cent were Israeli-born; since then the numbers of Israeli-born have increased radically. An astonishing statistical piece of information was revealed recently in a research conducted on Israeli emigration to the USA, which showed that most of the , Israeli immigrants in the USA are between the ages of This is a third of all Israelis in this age bracket.

As long as immigrants were flowing in, discussion of emigration was avoided, The slackening of immigration in the last few years and a parallel increase in emigration brought about a change of policy. Emigration is now debated as a serious haemorrhage. More research is now being done and incentives are offered to emigrants who wish to return.

The official estimates of emigration in the last few years are as follows: 12,; 15,; 24,; 19, Israeli-born want to leave more than immigrants, and non-religious more than religious. Of the sample, 19 per cent answered that they had little or no wish at all to stay in the country. This research is interesting as it corroborates impressionistic knowledge which had never been tested systematically.

At the time of the research the attrition war with Syria was going on and the complaints about military service referred to the lengthy reserve duties and their influence on normal life. This shows that blitz wars which Israel favoured since were not only best for military efficacy but also most suited to the minimal disruption of economic and social life.

The attrition war with Egypt in , the longer war and the attrition war with Syria after the war indicate the potential strains of a different type of war on Israeli society. This research also revealed the connection between standard of living and emigration. Israel's failure to maintain a western standard of living immediately reduces its ability to attract immigration and prevent emigration. Zionist idealism is not sufficient to keep the Israelis in and to attract Jews to come. The failure of ideology is also indicated in the willingness of so many to openly admit their doubts and intentions not to remain in the country.

In the years Israel had an average influx of 37,, immigrants a year; in immigration fell by 50 per cent. The largest immigration to Israel was from the USSR and the decrease in immigration from there was more than 60 per cent. Contrary to claims by the Israeli authorities, this is not only due to a Soviet clamp on emigration but to the world crisis and the decreasing attraction of Israel after the war.

The dwindling desire of Russian Jews to emigrate to Israel can be seen from the growing percentage of emigrants from the USSR who upon arrival in the West refuse to go to Israel. While only 4 per cent opted for the West in , this rose to 36 per cent at the end of Slackening immigration and growing emigration not only influence the growth of the Jewish population but they compound the ideological crisis.

Zionists view Israel as a state with a mission — to propagandise among Jews, convert them to immigration and absorb them. To most ardent zionists the state is not a goal in itself, but a means in the 'ingathering' process, which is a higher and ultimate goal. A zionist state that does not absorb immigrants and whose citizens are leaving is in an acute crisis.

Furthermore, the self-proclaimed role of 'saviour of suffering Jews' gives Israel its moral status among the Jews. We shed our blood for you, so the least you owe us is support and money. An Israel that does not attract the 'needy', an Israel that demands money and support to carry out an endless war whose necessity is increasingly doubted, means the bankruptcy of zionism.

It may still obtain Jewish aid, but the role is reversed: the Israelis are the 'needy'. Israel thus becomes just another Jewish community in distress, which other Jewish communities try to help — as has happened so many times in Jewish history! The myth of the ultimate solution to which zionism is committed is exploded. There is another dimension to this ideological crisis — a personal disillusionment. The realisation of their dependence on the 'diaspora' rather than the diaspora's on them raises a thousand doubts among Israelis — especially the young, the educated, the mobile.

The Israeli too is asked to sacrifice personally for the zionist mission of 'ingathering' — long years of service in the army, the discomforts of a society at war, his standard of living, his personal aspirations and even his life. In return he felt a 'hero' leading a 'meaningful life'. These feelings depended on the coming of immigrants and the hushing up of emigration.

Every young Israeli now has friends who emigrated and live abroad. The dwindling immigration raises the spectre of longer periods in the army; the 'duties' of others who do not come or have left that fall on him. Is he a hero, or a fool? The class struggle Israel's inability to pursue its three basic aims is also reflected in labour relations. Under these conditions the struggle over the distribution of the cuts between labour and capital is intensified. Since real wages have been falling: 3. Government support of capitalists can be seen by the fact that although the share of profits in the GNP grew, the share of profits in income tax payments fell from The toll of financing Israel's growing deficit thus fell more and more on its workers.

Under these conditions there has been a steep increase in the number of industrial conflicts. In the number of strikes increased threefold over Most of the disputes occurred in the public sector. The majority of strikes were in industry and transport. Of these 60 per cent were not authorised by the Histadrut and were thus 'wildcat' strikes.

Some strikes escalated into heavy confrontations with the police and the border-guard militia. The Histadrut's absolute failure to back the workers is now clear to the workers themselves. It is even more transparent since when the previous General Secretary of the Histadrut, Ben-Aharon, who made militant verbal pronouncements, was seen as a danger and was replaced by the Labour Party with a more docile and obedient general secretary. The fact that the Histadrut has long ceased to represent the rank and file of Jewish workers is reflected in the composition of its congresses.

The alienation of the Histadrut from its members is reflected among workers' leaders who openly attack the Histadrut. The action committees denounced the Histadrut as 'worse than the Mafia' and called its indexation and wage agreements a 'charade'. They also called for the foundation of another trade union federation. These developments recall many of the action committees which sprang into being in and culminated in major mass strikes of hundreds of thousands of workers.

They are a clear sign that the Histadrut is losing its authority. In several cases when public opinion was whipped up by the mass media which used the argument that the strikers support the PLO, they were not deterred and mockingly called themselves 'the PLO'. Running time: 65 mins.

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Like its sister version, the Underworld Railroad is a system of safe houses that has been established around the globe, only this set of tracks aids confused and bewildered spirits who attempt to outrun the devil. This is their story. The world has two faces. The natural and the supernatural. The face we see every day, people filing past us in an almost zombie-like stupor, numb to the horrors of everyday life or driven to madness by the pain and agony of modern-day existence. And those are the people who aren't zombies or monsters!

Cal McDonald is a detective with one foot in the real world, and one in the world of magic. For Cal, the horrors we all dream about in the fevered darkness of the night are all-too real, kept at bay through an almost constant influx of drugs to numb the pain, but never erase it. Cut from the same mold as Sam Spade, Jake Gittes, and the famous detectives of Chandler, Hammett and Spillane, Cal McDonald, whether he likes it or not, is all that stands between us and the nightmare world just outside our vision. Collected for the first time in one book are the long-out-of-print prose adventures of the most unconventional detective of all time.

She is Tara Mehta, current Devi incarnate, a normal woman hosting the essence of a celestial warrior created by the gods themselves. But as Tara decides to walk a path of her own choosing, away from the mandates of the pantheon, the gods decide to take matters into their own hands. Betrayed by her makers, bereft of allies, and tormented by her inner demons, Devi faces off with Kratha, the clawed apsara assassin, in a deadly duel to death.

Patience is the virtue of the gamekeeper. Waiting for the right moment to strike anything that threatens the balance between man and nature. He is nature's remedy to man's disease. Brock lives a quiet existence as Gamekeeper on a secluded Scottish estate, until paramilitary mercenaries storm the estate and kill Jonah Morgan-the owner and Brock's friend. Now, Brock faces his dark past and the events he had sworn he'd forget. Obliged to avenge Jonah's death, Brock must leave his tranquil life and journey deep into an unfamiliar, urban underworld.

But as he gets pulled in deeper, it's difficult to tell who has more power, Brock, the man, or the animal within. The first half of the climactic chapter in Weis' and Hickman's acclaimed Trilogy! Armed with the legendary dragonlance, the Companions begin the final battle against the evil goddess Takhisis and her legions! But even as hope begins to spring, secrets long hidden threaten to render their sacrifices meaningless! The greatest conflict they have left is within each of them Meet Gabriel, Jagdish, Daniel, Ronald, Muhammad, Robert and Baz: seven bizarre, but special individuals from all over the world who happen to be descendents of a wizard.

They discovered that they? When we saw them last, these Sons of Heaven had defeated the Son of Hell with a little help from their sister, Rachel Kai. Now, this newly found family is having some family issues. Ronald's been kidnapped and the man threatening to take his power is someone from Rachel's past, someone who she was supposed to protect like family. And hell hath no fury, like a brother scorned. Get all the bountiful benefit of Antarctic's How to Draw Manga series, now in a more portable, ready-to-use format!

Antarctic Press brings you the collective experience of its stable of manga artists in this newly arranged edition. Every section presents a drawing lesson, with the final page set up like a sheet of blank bristol so you can practice your lesson, wherever you are! Take How to Draw on the road, in the air - anywhere! Designed by D. Stout of the prestigious Pentagram Design firm, this massive tome presents not only the finest illustrations from the past year, but also delves into the ideas behind the art as stated by the artists themselves.

Virgin Comics and Deepak Chopra present a second compilation of the groundbreaking new series, India Authentic. Collecting five immortal tales from Indian mythology in over pages of stunning artwork with a mesmerizing sketchbook section, each tale features a foreword by acclaimed author, Deepak Chopra.

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Witness the gruesome demise of a demon lord that bred pure hatred for the world. Follow in the footsteps of Yama, the Lord of Death, as he takes you to the netherworld. Fly in the wake of Garuda, the mighty avian warrior. Marvel at the travails that marked the birth of Kartikkeya, the God of Eternal Youth. Be awestruck by the thunder and energy of Parashuram as he brings down kingdoms with his axe. These are tales that marked the beginning of time and are being retold today from an entirely new perspective, and in all likeliness, will still be told a thousand years hence.

On far off Epsilon Bootis, young Sunoco Firestone falls under the musky spell of a native Green Girl only to be branded a deviant criminal. Rick Veitch's legendary sci-fi saga of forbidden inter-species love is finally back in gorgeous re-mastered color along with half a dozen never-before collected shorter Veitch delights including the never-before-collected story, "Mirror Of Love," with Alan Moore and S.

Hagi shows just how resilient he can be, Kai is as stubborn and reckless as ever, and confused, sweet Riku is once again in the wrong place at the wrong time. Speaking of time, this volume also features a longer flashback sequence that takes us to the 's and another violent episode in Saya's curious, catastrophic life! A borrowed diary, a double life and identity issues fuel a teenager's quest to find herself before she cracks and commits social suicide.

Watch Emi go from dull, suburban babysitter to eclectic urban art star compliments of one crazy summer! This second action figure assortment, straight from the movie, features exquisite sculpting and detailing. Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a base.

Packaged in a four-color window box. Now, every night he enters Dreamland Re-united with his childhood friends Paddington, Kiwi, and Nastajia; Alexander embarks on a quest to save Dreamland from war with the nightmare realm. The Dreamland Chronicles, which won best graphic novel of as decided by Comic Buyer's Guide readers, boasts over 6,, readers worldwide. The future of Star Wars continues here! The Sith again control the galaxy, but the remains of the Galactic Alliance fight on to restore justice.

If he succeeds, his army's resources will be greatly replenished-but at what price of punishment from the Sith Emperor and his minions? Three sides of this tale are told: that of the Galactic Alliance; that of the forces still loyal to the deposed Emperor Roan Fel; and that of the new Sith Order. Immeasurable and unforeseen repercussions will come to all! This newest volume of Star Wars: Legacy collects issues , and 27 of the ongoing series. On sale Dec Across a multitude of parallel universes, dark forces operate in the shadows, manipulating mankind's histories throughout countless timelines.

The agents of these Disruptors all work with a single purpose-the recovery and activation of Foxfire, a long-hidden doomsday device whose unspeakable power is capable of consuming the galaxy in all its incarnations. Standing in the way of the Disruptors is Luther Arkwright, a human anomaly who exists only in a single universe, a man of vast psychic powers, capable of traveling between the parallel realities to counter the Disruptor's malign influence.

But the Disruptors are aware of Arkwright and his abilities, and while Arkwright searches the myriad Earths for the location of Foxfire, the agents of darkness race to destroy Arkwright. This beautifully designed companion features hundreds of full-color illustrations, storyboards, and intricately designed production art, showcasing the amazing talent that went into the making of this remarkable movie!

In this official novelization of the eagerly awaited, new chapter in the Terminator movie saga, Terminator Salvation , Judgment Day has come to pass and Skynet has destroyed much of the world's population. In this post-apocalyptic world, John Connor and the human resistance must continue their brutal fight for survival. The 're-imagined' Battlestar Galactica is one of the most acclaimed series on any network! This third official companion, compiled with complete access to the production, is packed with exclusive interviews, photos and a stunning full-color section, behind-the-scenes secrets, coverage of the online series Resistance , and a complete season three episode guide!

JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman present the origin of Nero, the mysterious Romulan who will ultimately threaten the survival of the entire universe. Ploog endeared himself to comics fans with his creepy yet beautiful artwork on such titles as Werewolf by Night, Ghost Rider, and Man-Thing. This book features a career-spanning interview and discussion of the artist's creative process, complete with both rare and unseen art, including an enormous gallery of commissioned work, and an 8-page color section.

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