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This volume presents a sample of views and visions among some of the growing numbers of Neoproterozoic workers. Or Husson, the eponym for the rat Hydromys hussoni? Just 28, years ago, the blink of an eye in geological time, the last of Neanderthals died out in their last outpost, in caves near Gibraltar. This book presents a comprehensive overview of the science of the history of life.

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A world-renowned paleontologist takes readers all over the globe to reveal a new science that trumps science fiction: how humans can re-create a dinosaur. Global warming seen from the other side: by the end of the last ice age, the earth had lost most of its large animal species and most of its humans. Ryan and W.

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Discussion 5. A Synopsis of Proterozoic Macroalgal fossils 3. Morphological History of Proterozoic Macroalgae 4. Bottjer and Matthew E. Clapham 1. A Mat-Based World 3.

Neoproterozoic Geobiology and Paleobiology

Nature of the Data 4. Evolutionary Paleoecology 5. Droser and James G. Gehling 1.

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Problems in the Interpretation of Ediacaran Trace Fossils 3. List of Ediacaran Trace Fossils 4. Erwin 1. Pre-Bilaterian Developmental Evolution 3.

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Development of the Urbilateria 4. Constructing Ancestors 5. Blair Hedges, Fabia U. Battistuzzi, Jaime E.

Blair 1. Molecular Clock Methods 3. Molecular Timescales 4. Astrobiological Implications 5.

Halverson 1. Constructing the Record 3. Review of the Neoproterozoic 4.

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Corsetti and Nathaniel J. Lorentz 1. Key Neoproterozoic Successions 3.