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He has been researching the polymer physics and supramolecular chemistry and now is focusing on polyrotaxane using cyclodextrin, necklace-like supramolecule with topological characteristics. He invented slide-ring materials with movable cross-links by cross-linking polyrotaxane in , and set up a venture company to urge the application of the slide-ring materials in He has been the author of over publications including original research papers, reviews, and books, and about 70 patents. And he is currently an editor of Polymer, Elsevir.

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We have developed a novel type of polymer network called slide-ring materials by cross-linking polyrotaxane, the supramolecular architecture with topological characteristics. In the network, polymer chains are topologically interlocked by figure-of-eight cross-links. Hence, these cross-links can pass along the polymer chains freely to equalize the tension of the threading polymer chains similarly to pulleys.

This arises from the difference in the molecular mechanism of the entropic elasticity.

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We are now focusing on another interesting system of the slide-ring materials, a sliding graft copolymer, which has a structure of polyrotaxane with slidable side chains along an axis polymer chain. I believe that it will give us a new science and technology in polymeric materials as well as the cross-linked slide-ring material with freely movable junctions.

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Messages to Students You can find a lot of fascinating systems in soft materials. I suppose that our lab is featured by an academic fusion between chemists and physicists, and a close balance between basic science and applied technology. If you are interested in chemistry or physics of soft materials, please come and join us!

We have been investigating soft materials such as polymers, liquid crystals, biomolecules, and so on. We are interested in soft materials which can be applied to a wide area around our lives.

You can find a lot of fascinating systems in soft materials.