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Complex singularities are points in the domain of a function where fails to be analytic. Isolated singularities may be classified as poles , essential singularities , logarithmic singularities , or removable singularities.

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Nonisolated singularities may arise as natural boundaries or branch cuts. Consider the second-order ordinary differential equation. If and remain finite at , then is called an ordinary point.

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If either or diverges as , then is called a singular point. Singular points are further classified as follows:. If either or diverges as but and remain finite as , then is called a regular singular point or nonessential singularity.

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If diverges more quickly than , so approaches infinity as , or diverges more quickly than so that goes to infinity as , then is called an irregular singularity or essential singularity. A pole of order is a point of such that the Laurent series of has for and. Essential singularities are poles of infinite order. Merge branch 'master' into delete-from-lib. Sep 6, Add network e2e helper and few basic networking e2e tests. Sep 24, Sep 23, Provide testing for SLE support in zypper packager. Jul 20, Include Go tags and Cgo files for go list in gengodep.

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