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Negotiations are won and lost in the "feelings" of the parties involved versus in their "thinking. Practice your quick connecting skills with the people you meet and interact with each day. Borrow a tool from world-class debaters by learning how to argue the opposing person's viewpoint. Put yourself into the other side's shoes, know their concerns and learn their motivations so well that you can actually create an argument supporting their side.

5 Psychological Hacks Smart Negotiators Use to Boost Their Chances for a Pay Raise

Use this information as ammunition for not only countering their stance but appealing to their needs and deepening your negotiation skills. Too many people think negotiating is about manipulation. It should be more of a persuasion, where each side is willing to listen, to compromise, and to come to mutually beneficial terms that help each party accomplish a goal.

That requires active listening to contribute, not just to respond. Leaders can develop that with practice.

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Negotiations are often viewed as adversarial or in conflict. Going in with this attitude removes the opportunity to create empathy.

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The fact that you are in negotiations at all means that what you have to offer is valuable. Work to understand the other parties' point of view, what they have to gain or lose and based on that, what they best respond to. Make your goal a true win-win situation. Haven't we all fallen victim to a charming salesperson? It isn't the skill of selling or negotiating that hooks us, it's connection. You don't have to be a masterful negotiator to close deals.

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You do, however, have to be comfortable enough to be yourself. Humor, light-hearted and down-to-earth conversation are always a powerful entryway to influence. Think about how you need to communicate to achieve your objective. Do you need to excite them? Inspire them? Persuade them?

How To Ask For (And GET) What You TIME - 5 Tips For Getting To YES

Strong, one-word verbs like these are intentions. If your intention aligns with your objective, your audience should see it in your body language, facial expressions, etc. To practice, record your opening introduction.

Riley Mills , Pinnacle Performance Company. As a leader, like anyone else, you may not be comfortable with conflict. It's likely you will also struggle with negotiation. Negotiation is not necessarily a conflict situation, but it can elicit the same psychological response. Do your research and have a game plan ahead of time. Know your priorities before the discussion.

Clear your mind and take deep breaths to calm your nervous system. Anyone can become a great negotiator by listening and learning. When the other side of a negotiation makes a point, it can be quite easy to politely ask about the point: Why is that important, is there another way to accomplish the same objective?

One can approach a negotiation from a perspective of "trying to be helpful" rather than as an adversary. This approach is much less stressful and much more constructive. Praise for The Intelligent Negotiator: "Charles Craver imparted invaluable lessons in the art of negotiation in the course I took from him 30 years ago. The Intelligent Negotiator is a must-read for anyone looking to maximize his success in competitive business.

It brims with compelling strategies for achieving superior results. And unlike many of his peers, Craver is not embarrassed about making a good deal for his side of the table. Freund, author of Smart Negotiating "An excellent guide to obtaining your negotiating goals. For those wanting to achieve better results at the bargaining table, this is an invaluable resource.

He fully appreciates the subtleties of the process of negotiation. Read this book and you will dramatically enhance your negotiating skills. Category: Business Category: Business. Paperback —.

Top 10 Negotiation Skills You Must Learn to Succeed

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