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By that time, armed jihadis allied with al-Qaeda had taken full advantage of the chaos and were the de facto rulers of a large swath of southern Yemen. The military, confused and demoralized, had put up almost no resistance, and local government officials fled in terror. The jihadis had declared a Taliban-style emirate in Jaar and other towns, and began winning the affections of many villagers with handouts of water, food, and gasoline even as their kangaroo sharia courts cut off the hands of thieves.

As the Americans looked on in horror, the jihadis threatened to capture….

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This is exclusive content for subscribers only. His research interests include comparative politics, Middle East politics, Islamic civilization, Islamic political parties and Muslim Americans.

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A copy of Dr. This course is a survey of Yemeni politics since the turn of the 20 th century. As such, this course is designed to cover a wide array of issues that include such areas as the history of the Imamate in North Yemen, the colonial legacies of the British rule in the south, the process of modernization and its challenges, the unification of with its short-lived democratic transition, and the relationship between the state and society.

This course will also address the current Yemeni uprising and the prospects of reinforcing state institutions and the rule of law in the light of increased national and regional security challenges.

Why Yemen’s political implosion is dangerous for the U.S.

Details of such visits will be given during the semester as well as the biographies of invited guest speakers. No prior knowledge of Yemeni politics is required for this short, intense course, but its participants will have some quick catching up to do. Students are expected to attend all in-class seminars and to be prepared to discuss the assigned topics and readings, and will be assessed on preparation, participation, essays, and a final exam. Date:June 15, Readings:Dresch, Paul.

A History of Modern Yemen. New York: Cambridge University Press.

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Chapters Date:June 19, Readings: Lisa Wedeen. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Chapters: Date:June 22, Readings:Lisa Wedeen.

Cambridge Middle East Studies. He maintains a blog, Waq al-Waq as a forum for analysis of developments there.

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In a country of 24 million, the United Nations estimates that approximately 10 million Yemenis go to sleep hungry every night. Thousands of children suffer acute malnutrition, unemployment is estimated at 22 percent, and sources of potable water are almost exhausted. Reductions in crucial fuel and food subsidies, required by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund as conditions of financial assistance, have devastating effects for a nation in which half or more of the population lives on less than two dollars a day. The vast majority has long been neglected by a corrupt central government in Sanaa which has operated on patronage, rather than notions of equity or need.

And although longtime president Ali Abdullah Salih has relinquished state power in a transitional plan brokered by the Gulf Cooperation Council following sustained popular unrest in early , experts warn that the resulting political instability has put Yemen at risk of collapsing into chaos. In an impoverished nation where suffering appears nearly universal, Yemenis have been increasingly subjected to an additional and unique form of terror. Despite denouncing counterterrorism policies of his predecessor, President Obama escalated use of drone and missile strikes to assassinate high-level AQAP operatives in Yemen.

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While these attacks may achieve short-term objectives, the intelligence that informs U. The result has been a growing number of civilian casualties, the implications of which were elaborated in recent Congressional testimony of a Yemeni journalist who attended high school in the U. Michael Kropp holds a B.

He currently works in the Pharmaceutical industry.